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pastis gascon or croustade

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pastis gascon or croustade

pastis gascon or croustade


Ingredients for 6 little ones:

3  apples peeled,and thinly sliced

6 tablespoon armagnac or calvados)

3 tablespoons butter

fillo dough 12*12 cm.  thawed

6 tablespoon sugar & 1 sachet vanilla sugar, mixed

lemon zest

bakingpaper & 6 egg baking rings (10 cm diameter) brushed with butter  

evening before:


         marinate apples in Armagnac (or  calvados).


next morning:

 lay out the fillo dough on your workspace and brush with butter, both sides.

drape one sheet of the fillo over the egg ring with the edges hanging over the sides evenly  and put a bit sugar on it

continue to do this with additional sheets of the dough, turning each so that the sheets overlap a bit in the middle and overhang the egg baking rings all around.

Dont forget to dust with sugar again. (reserving 1 sheet for the top of each ring)

strain apples and discard armagnac.

 put appleslices in the rings and sprinkle the apples with 1 teaspoon lemon zest each.

fold the hanging edges of the pastry over the apples and fold the remaining sheet of pastry in

sugar again.


¾ h before needed:


 preheat oven at 190°C bake for 30-35 minutes, until the top is golden.

 serve warm.

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- I like egg baking rings from black steel plate, because of their baking properties. but you can make a bigger croustade in a baking spring too of course .

- for marinating I use calvados instead of the usual armagnac. its easier to digest. especially when you have coffee, panpepato and a 1980 port ellen in the final course.


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keesmees - I was interested in your recipe as we live in the Gers dept. of France, where the recipe originates.I've seen them in bakeries but have never bought one. Here is the french version,very like yours:

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I would make just one modification to your recipe:

"...strain apples and drink armagnac."  :)


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@ Patf,

you should try once. they are delicious and very light-footed compared with apple pie. 

few years ago I saw these croustades on the market in montcuq. I remember they were quite expensive: Ø 20 cm  à 11€ and Ø 25 cm à 16€ or something like that. but making fillo dough is very time consuming.

I don't make the fillo myself anymore, because here we have a good and widely available alternative: spring roll pastry.

@ Steve

hahaha.  be carefull, the "mise en place" could easily change in a "mess en place"