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MAGIC MILL II Replacement Filters?

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MAGIC MILL II Replacement Filters?

I just found a Magic Mill II grain grinder at a yard sale ($3 - I was THRILLED!). 

 There is a filter in the box, but it seems to have somewhat disenegrated.

The filter that goes with it is mentioned as an "F" filter.  Found it on one website for cheap, but the shipping is ridiculous for something that weighs about an ounce ot two.

 Was wondering, for those of you who have this model, where have you found the filters at a reasonable overall price shipped - or, has anyone tried to make their own filter by cutting out some foam similar to the original?  I thought maybe that wouldn't be too much trouble.

 Haven't used it as of yet, so if anyone has any words of widsom and some guidance, please let me know. 


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Hi, Eldemila,

Regarding the filters for the Magic Mill II, has them for two at $11.00, which is pricey, you can also go to Magic Mill at this link, and ask them if the filters for the Magic Mill II are available at

I know that there are other grain mills just like the Magic Mill.. I have a K tech and a Magic Mill (both from yard sales or thrift stores), and the filters are very similar, if not the same.. check out the filters for the K Tec, and Blend Tec mill. Some sites call the mill the K tec/Blend Tec, as the K Tec company has been taken over by Blend Tec... you can go to the Blend Tec site, and on the parts list for their grain mill they show an F filter, which the Magic Mill has.. to be honest, I think that the two are the same mill, or that Magic Mill maybe turned into K Tech or is being remanufactured or the design sold under a new name?  Ads say the new Blend tec is a smaller machine.. so I'd check that the filters are the same size with someone who knows or perhaps call Blend Tec and ask... a link to their site showing that the Blend Tec uses the F filter is . You will be able to get to customer service using links on that page for them.  Beating Strong carries the Blend tec at as does Harvest Essentials at

Maybe users can get lucky and find filters for less than two for $11.00, which for little pieces of a foam, I consider highway robbery.... it looks like a specialized open celled foam, but the regular sponges and other foams I can find don't look as open between the cells, so I'm afraid to try to make them. I'm afraid that if I do I'd ruin my mill if it couldn't breathe or something, so I always break down and buy them thiking I don't need them so often! Blend Tec may be the cheapest, and I'm going to find out too on Monday when they open! Heck, gotta have my fresh bread, and those darned filters just turn to dust after a while!  Kind of makes me mad in a way, several years ago I got two new filters, and they were $1.50 EACH!

Good luck with your mill, mine is older than a Magic II, so a bit noisy, but yours may be quieter as newer and I know you will love it 'cause I do mine!  Great price, huh? I'll bet people who don't bake bread don't even know what the mills are or how to use them and price them cheap, lucky for us!

Regards, Craftluv45, Trina M.

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Thanks for the info - I do believe you are correct as to the filters being tha same for the K-Tec/Blend-tec, as one site mentions:

 'F' Filter fits in side of mill
(also fits Magic Mill 2)

The Blendtec website has them for $1.00, but there's no mention of shipping costs, at least not anywhere that I could find.  Will try to call them on Monday, if I can remember.


Onee website has them for $1.50, but it's the flat rate shipping of $7.99 that throws the moneky wremch in to ordering them from there. 


I think it may not be too hard to find a foam similar to the original - maybe Home Depot.  The ones that were in my box when I bought it disenegrated, so they aren't a dense foam at all and should be easy to cut - provided you have a guide to go by.  Hate to have to buy them at such a ridiculous price just to have one as a model.


Will post anything I find that may be helpful.


Again, thanks for your help!

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I just ran across this blog and I'm so pleased because I was having trouble finding replacement parts for my Magic Mill 11. It's almost 30 years old and it needed a new gasket and new filters. I went to the "Magic Mill" website, that you mentioned. But, when I began to place my order for two gaskets and two filters, my order came to $20.00+ but their shipping was going to be $37.00. What a shaft! I was thoroughly disgusted, so, I went to the other website "Nutrition Lifestyles." How refreshing! My order came to $22.00 and free shipping! Can you believe that? I was in shock and very happy. I have bookmarked their website for future orders. And, as far as the Magic Mill website is concerned, they can go fry.

I thank you for this blog and the info so that I was able to get the parts I needed without it costing me an arm and a leg. Bless you!

Catryna White

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Thank you soooo much Catryna.  

Went to "Nutrition" and got the Magic Mill ii filter for $5.00 and the gasket for $7.00 and the shipping was $5.95.

Much more reasonable than any other site.  You could get filters for $1.50 and pay $30.00 for shipping.

Haven't used my Magic Mill ii in 25 years and thought I would not be able to get the two parts I needed.

The mill still  works great.

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Hi there - I have been searching for hours on the internet for a cheap replacement filter for the Magic Mill II and finally came up with a company called Blendtec

They sell the filters for $1 but shipping would be over $12 - so I called them at:


At first I was quoted $7 postage by ordering over the phone. I called back and another clerk very kindly offered to send a replacement filter for free since it was so small and they could put it in an envelope.

So give it a try - maybe you can get one for free too.






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I see this is a post with age going for it, might as well chime in late as am a new mmber, but I have one of those mills and stick it on the porch when I mill,It's that noisy , I don't even use the filter ,it just tries contain extra flour dust anyway. I mill 5 lbs at a time


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You can get the F filters for $1 at Blendtec:  The shipping will be a little high but all in all, it's a better price.

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The thing is so loud I put it outside ,(this annoys the deer) I face the filter hole outboard and run it . I removed the filter after the first run and never put it back in. I got two filters in the box when new.---- not really sure what the filter is supposed to be doing ,but ten or fifteen years later it appears to not mattter.  So, I'd say don't sweat it and if you need to use it,  look for some medium dense foam you can suck air through and cut it to fit.  

Regards gage

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I'm so glad someone else posted this about finding replacement F-filters for their wheat grinders. I too had no intention of spending $1 for a filter only to have it cost $7+ to ship it to me. This idea actually came about as I was rummaging through my, um, 'junque' drawer looking for the replacement F-filter that came with my K-Tec mill when I bought it a decade ago (good at caring for my machine I am not). Didn't find it but I did find one of those foam sponges and thought what the heck. So here's what I did.

First, remove the handle.

Then cut to shape.

So my cutting isn't the best, but I think it's a pretty good facsimile. The foam is slightly denser than the original filter but I think it will still work. You can buy these foam paint brushes at Walmart, Lowe's, HD or anywhere they sell paint supplies. Cheap and easy.

Good luck everyone!

If anyone comes up with a better material that won't break the bank I'd love to hear it. :-)


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I have an old Magic Mill II that was given to me :)  I just ordered a replacement gasket and a filter but I don't know where a filter even goes?  There is a small rectangle opening on the side of the mill.  Does it go there?  And is there supposed to be some sort of cup inside to catch something???  I don't know much about mills and I don't have an instruction manual.  If anyone has one I would love to pay for a copy to be sent to me.  So far when I ground wheat it worked but did send a bit of wheat flour/dust around the kitchen.

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Yes it goes there on the side.  It helps keep the flour from going all over.

Yes there is a small collapseable cup that goes inside.  Attaches to the bottom.  

You might be able to Google search for manual.

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you can find the replacements on eBay, there is a seller catering_online that sells them in a 6/PK for $1 each and shipping is only $3.99. I believe that when you buy multiple it gives you a discount on the shipping too.

Do a search on eBay for "BLENDTEC F-FILTER 50-202"