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Hi, my name's Joe, and I'm a bakoholic.

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Joe Fisher

Hi, my name's Joe, and I'm a bakoholic.

There's pecan craisin and sourdough rye and pumpernickel breads on the top of my fridge. Banana bread on my counter. Sourdough craisin dinner rolls, herb rye, pumpernickel and pizza dough fill my freezer. 25 lb buckets of flour fill my basement. Sourdough starters crowd my fridge. My in-laws have threatened my life for making them fat with breads they can't resist.

It's a terrible addiction :)



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wow! lets go to Joe's house!

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Joe Fisher

Help me eat it all!


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Hi Joe,
It's OK. We've been there. No, that's not right. We ARE there. No need to apologize (said the woman with bags of seeds and berries in the frig, canisters of whole-grain flours in several cupboards, multiple sets of measuring cups and spoons in drawers - sometimes you just can't wash them fast enough -, electronic scales at the ready, who prizes her baking stones, and strains her eyes over yet another bread book.)

We understand. We understand. Sometimes you have to move out the old to accommodate the new. I mean, what's more important, a radio in the kitchen or more counter space for cooling bread? That cold, cold bathroom I loved to hate is now a room I'll never renovate because at 55 degrees, it's the perfect place for slow fermentation. I've used more bread flour in the last four months than I have in the previous 20, no, 30 years.

And then, there's this wonderful website for us to meet and talk about our, um, condition.

It's OK, Joe. (Care to share a recipe or two?)

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