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Does anyone make paczki?

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Does anyone make paczki?

Hi all:

If you're reading this forum, I'm guessing that you already know what a "paczki" is!

Does anyone have a good paczki recipe? I know that it's a long time until the Lenten season arrives, but I don't want to be caught paczki-less this year like I did last year.


KP in Atlanta (where there are no paczki!)

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to KP in Atlanta --  Last February I was itching for paczki before Lent and as I live in the south like you (Nashville) . . . gee, there are no paczki here either. But I did ask around on TFL and if you go to node 5743 you'll see my quest. I did try one recipe I got off of "" number #83936. Be sure to read the comments/reviews and you may get some good ideas. My paczkis at that time were tasty but too well done. I found out the smaller you make the pieces (2 oz.) the better. All in all I might try them again if I get a better thermometer for the heating of the oil.  Good luck!  Anet
P.S. Anyone tried baked doughnuts? I see Wild Yeast has a recipe. 

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hi Anet. Thanks so much for the tip. I'm glad i'm not the only one who misses a mid-winter paczki. Good luck finding a baked doughnut recipe.



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Shortly after tasting my first Polish doughnut (my God, they're wonderful) I found a recipe for them at the robin hood website.  You could check it out and see if it comes close to the real thing.