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Multigrain, Carrot Rolls, Erics Rye!

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Multigrain, Carrot Rolls, Erics Rye!

Here is some of my recent baking, two of the batches are from the SFBI book and both are really good like alla formulas from that book. The first batch pictured is the whole grain bread with sesame- ,sunflower- and flaxsseds and also some oats. This bread is a really tasty hearthy whole grain bread wich I think should be made a bit larger than the ones pictured, they are about 2-2½" across and weights 450g each as suggested in the book. I do however think that a 2# loaf of this bread baked for a bit longer in the oven whould be perfect for making hearthy sandwiches. The crumb is rather dense as you whoud suspect with this kind of seeded whole grain bread but over all pleasurabe to eat.

The other formula I tried was the one for carrot rolls, I decided to top most of them with cornmeal doing it the same way as floyds kaiser rolls ie. proofing them seam side down on cornmeal and then inverting them. Some of them I also topped with anise and caraway seeds, great flavor! The dough was very slack and contained an good amount of seeds/grains, the formula instructs you to use 10 grain cereal mix but I used bulgur. The high ratio of seeds makes for a very slack dough but after good mixing and folding it turns out a great feeling dough.

The cornmeal looks more yellow in person but lack of natural lighting made me use the flash, he crumb is also yellow and lovely!

Last weekend I made this, a swedish take on Erics Rye with anise, fennel and caraway flavoring, great recipe that is going to become standard repertoire, maybe.. after ALL other formulas I have are tested.


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Wow you certainly did a nice job on all of those. The carrot rolls sound interesting and I like the Swedish angle on the rye. I've been thinking about that flavor recently and I'm glad to see your great results.


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You should definately try making some rye with anise, fennel and caraway together. They make for a really good bread. I think you should use equal amounts weightwise, at least thats my preference altough a bit more caraway wont hurt.

 I usually grind my spices with my mortar so that the flavor is evenly distributed in the bread. Especially fennel needs to get ground up, too big of a seed to get in you slice of bread.

 The carrot rolls are from Suas Advanced Bread and Pastries, I whouldn´t mind posting the formula Ir there is any interest?

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I would love to try the carrot rolls, if you would be so kind?

Your loaves look great. I too, love the combo of fennel, anise and caraway..good stuff!


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the formula is as follows. Exactly the test batch from Advanced Bread and Pastries by Michael Suas.

 Poolish: 84g bread flour, 84g water, 0.1g yeast (1/8 tsp), 0.1g salt (1/8 tsp) ferment 12h

 Soaker: 84g ten grain cereal mix, 84g water. (I used 84g bulgur over wich i poured 84gs boiling water) ~2h

 Final dough: 250g bread flour, 168g water (use the juice from the carrots), 9g salt, 2.9g yeast, 9g malt(I used brown sugar), 115g grated carrot.

 The book contains a huge amount of mixing theory so if you want to know exactly how to mix this dough buy the book but otherwise here is how I made it.

First grate the carrots finely and try to squeeze out as much juce from them as possible, reserve this juice for using as dough liquid. When you have the right amount of carrots. Start mixing the dough without carrots or soaker, when you have achieced a good gluten development wait 5 minutes and then incorporate the carrots and bulgur. This will make the dough quite a bit more moist, so I used in the bowl folding to add strenght wilst fermenting.
Let ferment for 90minutes, divide into roll size (~85g) let relax for 20 minutes. Shape into rolls and ten proof for 60.

bake in  450F oven for roughly 30-35 minutes until deeply browned.

 Note: I shaped mine according to Floydms description of makin kaiser rolls, but instead of poppy seeds I proofed them seam side down on cornmeal, and also some anise and caraway wich gave the rolls great flavor. Try it!