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First efforts

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First efforts

This is my first try at a sandwich loaf. I have only made no-knead bread so far.

The recipe I'm using is White Bread - Variation 2 from BBA. I *meant* to make 1 loaf and so was halving the recipe in my mind, but realized I'd added the full amount of liquids accidently so I had more dough than I expected.

Hence, I tried 1 sandwich loaf, and then 3 long rolls, hoping those would be like a hoagie, and 1 round roll.

Here's the rolls. The long ones deflated when I moved them to the baking pan from where they were resting. I didn't get any surface tension in them I am guessing, so they just wilted when moved. The round roll fared better. I'm going to have to practice the batard/hoagie method he describes a ton I think.


Hah, they are right for Halloween they're so deformed. All they need are some fangs and googly eyes!


The sandwich loaf stayed inflated a bit better so I had some hope. Sadly, those were dashed as it didn't rise above where it is now.

sandwich loaf


Well, lots to learn! Back to the drawing board and thank goodness for no-knead!




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Good for you for trying new recipes.  The real question is how did they taste?


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Thanks Marni!

They tasted very nice. They're denser than I would have liked, but I'm happing they're edible for now. Someday I'm hoping to get mine to look like that beautiful Semolina Sandwich loaf that zolablue posted.

I'm going to cut and dry out some of the loaf today to make Custard French Toast this weekend. I think because its so dense it should hold up well for this.

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Thanks Fredsambo. 

I thought I was right on track as it seemed to be the "soft, supple, and tacky but not sticky", as the BBA said.  However, its obvious I made a booboo, so I'll try more water next time!


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Larry Clark

 I don't think more water will solve your problem. Because they deflated when you tried to move them and you didn't get much oven spring on your sandwich loaf, I think your dough was  over proofed. Follow the BBA recipe or cut it half if you like, but watch your rise times and don't let the dough rise too much. I also suggest slashing  your loaves.