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Humility, discard bread

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Humility, discard bread

I know very well not to place 2 loaves close to each other or they will "burst" on the adjacent sides. So why in the world did I line up 4 pans of discard bread across the oven shelf? They were almost touching, and yup, each one burst open. I had 4 cups of starter and made the dough a little softer than usual - and the crumb is light and tender. I also decided to bake them from cold and the bottom crusts are very dark  Hopefully the neighbors won't be too critical. My only excuse is a rotten cough and cold which must have affected my thinking, A.


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Mini Oven

Yup, a cold can do it.  You just wanted it over in one batch instead of two so you could rest.  Not a problem if you keep your bread, you can sleep longer because you won't run out.  Sure you want to give them away?

Mini O

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I think you are right about me wanting to get the bake over in one fell swoop, even though the little voice in my head was telling me it wasn't a good idea. As to giving the bread away, I HAVE to or I won't be able to face my doctor. My neighbors expect the bread fairy to leave a loaf on their porch every week or so and I didn't bake at all last week. The "discard" bread has evolved into raisin bread which they seem to like. I have to make Susan's sourdough today and will get my windows washed in payment, yay! A.

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Kissing crusts that's what we call the bit where bread touches and breaks.

 I love it and deliberately put bread too close together to get that soft kissy bit.