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Baking again

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Baking again

Thank goodness Fall and all it's cool temps have descended on Maryland.  I am finally baking again.  The layout of my apartment is such that heating up the oven when it is hot outside is just a mistake.  I have been gathering recipes from TFL forums and other blogs.  If I make all the recipes that I have been drooling over I don't think I can possibly eat that much bread by myself.  The folks in my office are going to be loving me this winter though they all complain that they are being "forced" to eat my baking projects.  My baking project for this coming weekend is the Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Rolls.  I purchased the cinnamon chips from KA earlier this year and have been waiting for the weather shift to make them.  I want to lick my computer screen every time I see pictures of them.