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Russian Black Bread

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Russian Black Bread

B Russian Black Bread

Russian Black Bread: Russian Black Bread

NOT!!!!  Looks pretty good, though I know technically this wouldn't cut the mustard! But if you need a respectable loaf in a pinch, this will do. This was originally a bread machine recipe that I played with. I would have used my starter, but I hadn't refreshed it since last weekend. It's about 2/3 bread flour and 1/3 rye. The flavor and color come from some cidar vinegar, coffee, molasses and dutch processed cocoa powder with caraway and fennel seeds for an extra punch.

Here's a shot of the crumb :

Black Bread Crumb

Black Bread Crumb

Nice crispy crust, the crumb is pleasantly tender and the flavor is awesome, if I say so myself. The chocolate gives it an interesting finish on the palate.


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Stephanie Brim

I'd eat it.  And I'd bake it, too, if my dutch oven didn't have a mac & cheese casserole in it at the moment. :)

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Betty that looks great! I've looked at that bread a few times but haven't given it a try. Was it as dark inside? I've been under the impression that you need a coloring to get the real black. How does it taste? you have me thinking. Thanks for the post Betty, you do good work!


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Mini Oven

Do we get a crumb shot?   Sorry, don't understand the NOT!!!   It looks GREAT!  Hubby says it looks like bread back home!

Mini O

P.S.  Please send all unloved rye loaves to " The blond lady" Pine Hill Apartments (GPS says Pain Hil)  Ansan, S Korea.  If you do that, not only can I meet my rye needs but open a bakery!  Rye should look rustic!  Loaves should contain at least 33% rye.  Thanks in advance. :9   -mini

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10 years ago I hosted a Ukrainian girl for a year.  It was a great year but that story is for another time.  In my attempt to provide her with a bread that would be familiar to her  I found a recipe and baked "Russian Black Bread" for her and even made "Borscht".  She informed me that the "American" bread that I had been making was far better than any "Black Bread" she had ever eaten. And if I wouldn't mind, please not try to make "Borscht" again.


Redundancy is your friend, so is redundancy

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I've always been utterly bewildered by the foods that we call Russian (black bread, dressing, cocktails) and which never existed there.


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I don't believe for a minute that Vladimir Putin sits around at his dacha on weekends sipping Black Russian cocktails and playing Russian Roulette :>)


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That's a great looking loaf and the scoring is very nice.  How did the crumb turn out...and how did it taste?  Sounds like it would taste great with 1/3 rye. 


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generous compliments. This really is a a nice change from the norm. I could fancy this with some liverwurst, red onion, garden tomato and lettuce. Now if only I could find some liverwurst!


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That looks really tasty. I could throw some cream cheese and lox on there and eat all night!!

Great work!


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Wow, this is a very good looking loaf.  My husband probably will drool all over the computer.  LOL

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That's a beautiful loaf you've got there. --Pamela

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It looks so damn tempting.Would love to pour hot choclate onto it & eat.