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My loaf from saturday

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My loaf from saturday



I used a whole rye buttermilk soaker, a white whole wheat biga and then when it came time for the final dough i added give or take about 5 tablespoons worth of spelt for kneading. The rise on this loaf was REALLY fast within 30 mins it was already edging over the top of the loaf pan, and by 1 hour it was almost two inches over. I had taken a whole container full of vitamin c and put it in a food processor and added a good sized 1/4 tsp worth. The crumb came out sort of crumbly, but VERY soft and MOIST, very muffin like. I steamed it while it was in the oven and it just made for a good thick crust. The crust is semi bitter *whole grains especially rye flavor* The crumb is nice and sweet though. Even if it was on the crumbly side, I still like how soft it is. The smell of the spelt was strong, when it was in the back i could smell just touch of it, but when i had sprinkled it on top of the biga and soaker and it was sitting for a moment while i got everything else ready, I could REALLY smell the nuttyness, I used arrowhead mills organic whole grain spelt, king arthur white whole wheat and hodgson mill stone ground whole rye.

Not sure how your supposed to post images here, If anyone could help me though it would be greatly appreciated, if not you can always just copy and paste and look at the links individually. Hope you guys enjoy it. Love this place


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good lord those are obnoxiously large pictures...sorry about that guys still learning about how to post pictures....

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Get thee a copy of Image Resizer


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buttermilk is wonderful for getting a rise out of ww bread! i love to use it as well. as far as the pix size, hey, we've all been there a few times.....i'm no internet maven but if you can resize to a max of 640 pixels i think it will be a more managible size.  i'm a newbie and enjoying the sight as well.