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Peter Reinhart, Crust & Crumb Scones

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Peter Reinhart, Crust & Crumb Scones

Scones have become a popular item in our house these days. Henry, another member of TFL was kind enough to share his recipe with me and his scones are wonderful too. These scones are incredible and contain no butter but rely on the heavy cream for the fat content. They will melt in your mouth! Rich and silky and they freeze well. This batch was inspired by the last of my wonderful fresh blueberries. How I'm going to miss them till next year. But I have these scones for now and will be content. Life is good!


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I baked cream scones this week, using the recipe from Crust and Crumb. The dough was much too dry. I ended up using a total of 2 cups of heavy cream. Is there an error in the recipe? 4 cups of flour seems like a lot for only 1 cup of cream?

Mary Karen

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I have to do the same thing. I have been going to add this to an e-mail to Peter but I didn't know if it was worth it since he is working on another book. I normally have to double the cream also. Actually, I think it is 1 and 2/3 cups that I use. That way I get some rise. This batch I did use two cups and didn't get much rise. I think there might be a glitch. I posted the same question months ago when I first made them. I am just making it my own by adding additional cream. Good luck and I would love to hear and see what you add to yours.


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I know many folks have picked up on the error in this recipe.  I've modified the recipe a bit and converted it all to grams, for those of us tired of the mental gymanistics required to multiply Imperial measurements.  It's up on my blog here and the recipe can be found below with 1, 2, and 3 batch measurements already calculated out.  I've also got a bunch of other recipes up on the blog as well, under the bread tab.  Enjoy!

Bread Flour           255g      510g      765g
Whipping Cream   200g       400g      600g
Brown sugar          1/2c        1c          1 ½ c
Salt                     3/8t         3/4t       1 1/8 t
Baking powder      2t            4t          2T
Currants               1 palm     2 palm   3 palm

Also required: 1 egg, beaten until foamy, for wash; coarse or raw sugar sprinkled on top

Bake:  20minutes at 400