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15 minutes of fame at last

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15 minutes of fame at last

In August, I received an email from Hayley Mick asking if I would do a telephone interview about how "rising food prices (particularly when it comes to grains, flour etc) are affecting bakers" and whether "it put a damper on [my] productivity". She said she had found me through The Fresh Loaf. Her email came just at the time that we had ridden our bikes all over Toronto trying to find rye flour and learning that "Five Roses" (now owned by Smucker Foods) has discontinued production of "dark rye" flour due to slow sales.

So I readily agreed to do the interview. Little did I realize that they would want to come and do photos as well! And about a month later, I appeared on the front page of the Life section of Canada's national newspaper "The Globe and Mail".

making wild yeast bread © photo Globe and Mail/Deborah Baic August 2008

And an even larger photo inside as well!!

making wild yeast bread © photo Globe and Mail/Deborah Baic August 2008

Here is the bread I ended up making:

wild yeast bread © ejm August 2008


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We're very proud of you!

Susan from San Diego

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Mini Oven

You look calm and cool in front of those wide angle lenses. Go E Go!

Found the article under "pass me the Fluffo"  Susan found it. :)

Mini O

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I found the article here.

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Thanks all! I was pretty excited! It was very interesting to find out which of my friends subscribe to that paper. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't know when or if the article was going to be published.

(I did post a link to the article at the bottom of the post but I guess it got lost in the shuffle.)


P.S. Floyd, do you think maybe the links could be underlined by default so that it's obvious they are links?