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Free flour/grains/yeast in Washington DC

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Free flour/grains/yeast in Washington DC

I’m moving across the country and can’t take any of my baking ingredients with me. It seems a shame to throw them away, though.  So if anyone can come pick them up from Woodley Park today (Sunday) or tomorrow, you are welcome to any of it. It might be a good chance to experiment with some different flours and grains.  Most of the packages are open, but have about half left, and all are less than a year old.  Stuff I’m giving away includes:

* King Arthur Bread Flour            

* King Arthur 100% Organic whole wheat 

* King Arthur European Style Artisan Flour

* Arrowhead Mills Organic Enriched Unbleached  White Flour

* King Arthur Harvest Grains Blend (a mix of various whole grains and seeds)

* Arrowhead Mills Organinc Golden Flax 

* Organic brown rice (from San Francisco farmer’s market) 

* Wheat bran 

* Bobs’ Red Mill Baking powder (unopened) 

* KAF  Instant Yeast (frozen)

I also have a collection of spices that you are welcome to take from.

Let me know if you are interested and we can arrange the logistics.


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I would be so very interested, and couild compensate in some way. 

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THe other poster was first, but if that does not work out please let me know.  I live in Gaithersburg but could come down Wednesday or Thursday.