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Ramadan Fasting Bread

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chahira daoud

Ramadan Fasting Bread

Dear friends,

this month for all the muslims is Ramadan.It is a time for spiritual purification achieved through fasting, self-sacrifice and prayers.

We Celebrate it during the ninth month of Islamic calendar, the fast is observed each day from sunrise to sunset. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five Pillars of Islam. The Islamic belief that requires that Muslims perform five central duties in order to strengthen their faith. While Islam has two major sects, the Sunnis and the Shiites, all Muslims aim to realize these five pillars in their lifetime.

Ramadan concludes with a 3-day festival known as "Eid" or "Eid ul-Fitr," which literally means "the feast of the breaking/to break the fast." The holiday marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and is a culmination of the month-long struggle towards a higher spiritual state.

We have " the egyptians", some traditions "specially in food", also some plates , that you can not see it in all the rest of the year.

I am from Cairo , but we mooved to Alexandria a long time ago, i discovered a special kind of bread appears just in Ramadan, bakeries prepare it at night , so people can buy it and eat it fresh on dinner before thesunrise.

I participated in a competition ,concerning traditional dishes all around the arabic world, i made Fasting Bread, the ingredients are so simple " eggs , white flour, milk , some oil or butter".

But my own touch was different , i wrote on it " Ramadan Karim" means : wishing you generous and happy ramadan, i also paint on it.It was not my first time, i use to draw on my brioche.

Here you are the pics:-

I gave to my old neighbor one loaf, i freezed some loaves to my kids , and made sandwiches after cutting it to quarters, they really enjoyed it.

My dear husband and me , served it with our everyday dinner in Ramadan " youghurt , beans , feta cheese, some vegetables" They were all my home made.

We really enjoyed it.

Thanks to you all, and stay tuned i will put my Ramadan lantern made from the dead dough, and the feast biscuits and cookies.

Love you all


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Mini Oven

And showing us part of your culture.  Amazing how bread plays such an important role in so many cultures.  Thank you again.

Mini O

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chahira daoud

we "egyptians"call the bread "eish" in our current language, it  means "life".

That is show how bread is important for our daily life, egyptians eat bread 3 times per day,We consume bread more than rice & pasta,our daily bread called " eish baladi", that is the local one, it is made from whole wheat flour using the same tec. of the pita bread,baked also in special , very hot ovens" 3 flames: on the right , the left and under the bread.

If i will have the opportunity to make it and insert the pics on TFl, of course i will do.

Thank you soo much mini O.

Thank you sooooooo much Sphealey for your appreciation, you are encouraging me to share with Fresh loavers more and more recipes from our culture.

I will try to show you a kind of sour dough bread from the ancient egypt, in upper Egypt " luxor and Aswan" they use to make it for their daily life and they serve it with a very dark black tea, Christians & muslims ,both make it, also, to celebrate their religious feasts, so stay tuned.Thank you.

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Very intersting post - I am curious to learn more about breadmaking in your region of the world.

I don't know why anyone would put a 1-star rating on this entry - it belongs in the Recommended list.  Maybe a slip of the mouse (I know my Internet Explorer at work does not like the active features of TFL).  Fresh Loavers please rate this up!


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Very nice post and wonderful looking bread. I thank you for offering your thoughts on your culture and traditions.

I'm looking at the top image wondering if that is a yeasted product with the dark seeds?


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chahira daoud

Dear Eric,

You are welcome, i am so glad that you like my bread.

All the product was bread , yeasted bread,some loaves i wrote and painted on them,but the rest were topped with black seeds and sesame.

The fasting bread from bakeries usually topped with black seeds , cumin seeds or sesame.

If anybody is interested, i can put the recipe on TFL with pleasure, it is soooo simple and nothing strange in it, it is like any ordinary white bread .

Thank you again and you are welcome Eric.