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Baking stone. ELectric vs gas oven

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Baking stone. ELectric vs gas oven


Dear all, I try for many months now to buy a stone for baking bread. They did not exist in Greece until recently, where I found someone who imports them from Italy. I contacted them and they told my that the stones they sell are suitable only for gas ovens.

Does this make sense? Is there a problem with electric ovens? It is not a cheap buy so I got to know before I give the money.




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I've used a pizza stone for 30 years in an electric oven, with excellent results.  The only difference I see is that it takes a little longer for the stone to come up to temp in the electric.

I bake only on a stone (same one all these years) and hope you will enjoy the same excellent product. 

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Hello Antonis,

If you can find flat unglazed tile in Greece that should be fine. No reason to worry about the heat source if you buy the Italian stone though. The thicker the stone is, the longer it takes to heat up to temp.