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hamburger buns baked on the barbecue

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hamburger buns baked on the barbecue

We're completely distracted these days by our vegetarian burgers. The other day we decided to make them again, using 3 different kinds of beans: black, kidney and garbanzo.

We were going to serve them with pita that we planned to bake on the barbecue. We had toyed with the idea of shaping the discs early and letting them rise a little before baking and then I suddenly decided we nnnneeeeeeeded to have real hamburger buns and that we could bake them on the stone in the barbecue (as per GrapevineTX's post "Outdoor bread baking, gas grill and attempt #1".

The hamburger buns (or if you prefer: "shamburger" buns) were made with pita dough (all-purpose & whole wheat flours, oil and a little brown sugar) and baked in our gas barbecue.

Here's how we did the baking in the Barbecue: After the buns have been shaped and risen, we put them over direct heat for about 8 minutes, turning them once to account for uneven heat in the barbecue. Then moved them over to cook with indirect heat until they were done (about another 8 minutes)... (our gas barbecue can be turned off on one side).

You can see why we keep getting distracted into making burgers, can't you? And as long as it's barbecue weather, we really can't stop....

(February 2009: edited to add an anchor for the baking method. -Elizabeth)


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Dave W

I'm glad youve got BBQ weather cos we certainly havent over here in the UK !!!!!!!!!!!

But the buns look good.


Dave W (growing web feet)