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laurels kitchen recipes

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laurels kitchen recipes

Hi there, I just got that book and now I can't quite decide which recipe to try first. Any favorites you can recommend? THanks for your input!

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This Day

Some of my fovorites:  Sour Corn Rye (p.141), Petulama Rye (p. 143), Buttermilk Bread (p. 176), Featherpuff Bread (p. 188), Deluxe Raisin Bread (p. 228), Potato Bread (p. 286), Potato Rye Bread (p. 288).  These page numbers are for the 1984 edition.

Some notes I've written beside the recipes:

Perhaps use 9x5 pans for the Buttermilk Bread (p. 176), and maybe for the Deluxe Raisin Bread (p. 228), as these sometimes rise too high for 8x4 pans. 

When making Potato Bread (p. 286) I usually add an egg and the powdered milk as suggested in the options.

You may want to slash the Potato Rye Bread (p. 288) before baking.





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I second the recommendations for sour corn rye, featherpuff bread, and potato rye.  I was not as impressed with the buttermilk and normal potato breads.

Depending on what you are in the mood for, I would also recommend the black bean raisin bread and the yeasted sprout bread.

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Sorry to chime in late, but we like the lemon fennel bread and I make the "My Heart's Brown Stollen" EVERY christmas for the last 10 years. We love it. I give it away as gifts.



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is our favorite so far. this is a very high rising bread and enjoyable to eat. my family loves it. the petulma rye is very good too.


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  1. i made the  sour rye cornmeal this eveing and it is also very very good. i'd say i like it better than the buttermilk.....