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Help -- RLB pizza

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Help -- RLB pizza

I've just put together RLB's recipe for pizza, but it doesn't look right. I had to add a couple of Tbsp extra water because the dough wasn't moistened enough, but it didn't ever form into a proper ball -- it's just a ragggedy piece of dough.

It's resting at the moment for 30 minutes.

I was planning on putting it in the fridge and baking it tomorrow.

Did I mess up, or is that the way this particular dough should look?

Thanks for any advice.

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well what happened

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I made that pizza back in April and it turned out great -- light, thin and crispy. I've made it several times since then. It's one of our favorites (we also like the recipe in "No Need to Knead" by Suzanne Dunaway).

One recipe that never has turned out for me has been Peter
Reinhart's Napoletana pizza dough. It's discouraging, since a lot of folks like it and have great success with it. Maybe it's the difference in the flour here in Europe -- maybe it's my inexperience. I need to work with it some more, I guess.