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Gaping Hole on the Bread Ceiling

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Gaping Hole on the Bread Ceiling

Hello all,

I have been making Sourdough Ciabatta Rolls from (Susan's Wild Yeast, The first two attempts produced breads with wonderful crumbs and crusts. But the third gave me gaping hole on the ceiling of the bread(s). I am not sure I know what I did differently on the third attempt. Anybody knows why sometimes there are gaping holes on breads? Undeveloped gluten? Hydration problem?



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Mini Oven

Look here under: DOCKING

Normally happens when shaping and not releasing air from very large bubbles.  Also docking  and scoring can prevent much of it.  Degassing your dough before shaping also helps a lot.  Much depends on type of dough and the desired effect.

Here is another photo.  I looked up big holes in the site search machine:  CLICK HERE

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When you fold your bread over during the bulk proof, you just need to make sure that you gently press the air out of any large bubbles that you see. This will eliminate the problem you are experiencing.