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Pototo flakes vs. Potato Flour

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Pototo flakes vs. Potato Flour

I need to know if it will make a difference if I use potato flakes instead of potato flour in a pain de mie recipe I have. TIA

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I've only used potato flour, but I've seen several recipes that say to use either, so I would think it would be fine.


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Thanks,  I also found another site just now that mentioned something about grinding  up the flakes to use as a substitute. I hope it doesn't double the amount doing that, I used a coffee grinder to grind up some for later use.

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Is potato starch the same thing as potato flour?


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Is it possible to substitute mashed potatoes for potato flakes? If it can be done then I am clueless about how much to use. Does anyone have any suggestions as potato flakes are not available here.


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Maija wrote:
 I've read that using potato flour increases moisture and shelf
 life in yeast breads.  Is it possible to substitute mashed potato
 flakes for the same purpose?


Absolutely!!  I do it all the time.  Use about 1/2 cup of potato flakes per
three cups of flour.  You can also use leftover mashed potatoes 1/2 cup per
three cups of flour.  This will definitely add to the moisture and shelf
life of bread.  Potato flour, by the way, is nothing more than ground
dehydrated potatoes.  The only thing you have to beware of is that when
making these additions you will have to adjust the total amount of liquid
in the recipe.  Since mashed potatoes already contain moisture you must
reduce the liquid.  Potato flakes absorb moisture and you will need to
increase the liquid.  Give it a try.

Happy baking.

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I work at a hotel which bakes their own bread and it is a shame to see it stay for only a few days.  Is it possible to add potato flour or flakes to the mix?  How much would be added?  How do I find the chemical reaction which is caused by potato flour or flakes when mixed with bread?

Finally, would this add to shelf life of the product and is there any other natural preservative that could be used?


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Hi, I had the same question and was researching and came across this on the KA site:

2 tablespoons potato flour = 1/4 cup instant potato flakes