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Oven Thermometer - Recommendations

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Oven Thermometer - Recommendations

I recently broke not one but two oven thermometers, one was a Taylor the other I am not sure of the name. The Taylor was Oven Guide model w/ an actual thermometer and the other was enclosed in glass. Anyway they both broke recently along with my stone, that cracked in half and the bottom of my clouche cracked too. Not sure what is going on here. One good thing, my bread is still turning out pretty good.

I wanted to know if anyone could suggest a good oven thermometer, name, number and where i can get it (i usually start at amazon). Also if you know of a good stone I could use that would help too. I am just going to put my cracked stone of the bottom of the oven and use the new stone with the clouche top.

I started using a spray bottle while making the bread, I think this may have cracked all my hardware, any thoughts?



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I bought a Taylor oven  thermometer at Sanomas and it worked fine only the face of it is made of a plastic  that goes brown with time and baking and you can not read any of the numbers on the dial.  Same thing with the one they sent to replace it.

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I have a no name brand (Hong Kong) that I've had for years and it's accurate.  Only problem is it only goes up to 450 deg.  Anyway, I have, in the past, purchased other items from this website (Chef's Resources) and I noticed they offer oven thermometers, including Taylor.  You can Google "oven thermometers" and get lots of hits.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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Fantes carries quite a few oven thermometers, including one with a delayed response for those who have to open the oven door. I especially like the models which clamp to the oven rack.