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Does White WW Produce Softer Crust?

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Does White WW Produce Softer Crust?

I recently started using white whole wheat (KA) and it seems like the crust is always softer using the same baking environment/hydration as when I was using standard red whole wheat.  Has anybody experienced this?  My bread is about 72-73% hydration and I bake it in with steam (broiler pan with 1/2 to 1 cup boiling water) for 10 minutes at 500 and then 30-40 at 425 (electric oven).  I kind of miss tha harder crust of the regular WW but I rather like the crumb of the white WW.  Sorry if this has already been discussed.



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I haven't used K.A. white whole wheat flour but you got me curious so I Googled K.A. white whole wheat.

From K.A.'s description of white whole wheat flour it sounds like you should get the same results, except with loghter color and a less pronounced whole wheat flavor.  The above link gives a good description.  You might check the label on the bag and for ingredients.  I've tried K.A.'s First Clear Flour, which contains malted barley flour, when making rye bread and it seems to give a somewhat softer crust but very good rise and oven spring and works great for starter.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL