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Pizzameister -

Have you made your kamut bread, yet? Just wondering how you liked it and how it worked for you. I not only love the taste of kamut bread, but it smells so good while you're kneading and baking it.


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If only you knew my schedule. Hard to get any baking done, but I did grab an extra bag of K flour, and I have your recipe out. I was thinking about it today as I was making these killer grilled veggie sandwiches for the rest of the clan. Wondering if I could attempt a ciabatta. Looked on the internet a bit earler tonight for such, and found one at Mike Avery's site. His experience was that he got little oven spring. That matched my prior results with kamut - flat spreading loaf. Any suggestions?? I think yours, done in a loaf pan would certainly help with the vertical issue, but I want to do it freeform!!!!

Be good!


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Boy, I don't know, Gary. I have mostly used kamut for bread in pans, but I will give it a shot next time. I am fairly surprised to hear about the flat loaves, though, as the ones I have done in the pans get quite lofty. It's strange that the structure would allow for upward movement in the pans, but not freeform...

I have also used it for muffins and they turned out pretty good. Not quite as tender as a soft wheat would have, but very tasty.


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Hi Nancy,

I hope you don't mind me jumping into this conversation.  I just started this "chat" thing and i'm not quite sure how it works!  But, I was searching for a recipe for Kamut bread.  I recently got a mill and am making my own flour.  So far I've just tried hard red and white wheat for bread, but I really want to try out Kamut.  Do you have a recipe you could share?  Or, do you know if I can just replace the wheat in my recipe with Kamut?



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Mini Oven

Here is some info on  Kamut flour

They suggest for one cup of flour, replace with 7/8 c Kamut flour.   I would not replace all but start with half replacement.  :)  

Mini O

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The thing you want to remember when making any whole grain bread is that you either want to presoak your flour or make the dough a bit on the wet side (sticky).  As the dough matures, the flour will absorb the excess moisture and end up, hopefully, tacky.  You will be assured of heavy dense loaves if you make your initial dough tacky like you make your white breads... :-)