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What size brotforms?

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What size brotforms?

I am currently in the process of buying a load of baking equipment. I have narrowed it down to needing two smallish brotforms (500g dough) a bread pan and a larger round brotform.

The question is, how big of a brotform should I purchase? I suppose 500g is too small and 1000g is too big? How much fough do you guys use when making boules?

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I don't really use brotforms - bowls and linen towels do it for me, but for 2 lb of dough I use 9", and for 1.5 lb I use 8".

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I usually end up making boules that scale to 600-750 gram. I just have one size brotform. It is supposed to be for 1.5 pounds of dough. 

I also have linen-lined wicker bannetons in 3 different sizes, for up to a 4 pound miche. 


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Ok, well 1.5 pounds is roughly 700g of dough. So a 750 brotform should probably be the way to go. I too have some wicker baskets that I have used to proof boules but they recuire at least 1kg of dough! Large boules!