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How many kinds of flour in your pantry?

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How many kinds of flour in your pantry?

I noticed this evening that I had a fair number of different types of flour on hand:

White wholewheat bread flour
White bread flour
All purpose white
Cake flour
Corn meal
Mochiko (rice flour)

Only 6. I'm guessing that the dedicated bakers here would stock many more varieties. (Hi-gluten, barley, spelt ...). How many do YOU have?


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White Wheat

Whole Wheat


And if the meals count:

Yellow Corn

White Corn 

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  • unbleached white bread flour (2 different brands)
  • unbleached white all-purpose flour (2 different brands)
  • semolina flour (gift from a friend)
  • chickpea flour
  • rice flour
  • vital wheat gluten

...and GRAIN for my grain mill...

  • wheat (hard white spring; hard red spring; hard red winter; soft white; soft red)
  • rye
  • spelt
  • kamut
  • popcorn (for corn meal and corn flour)
  • soy beans (for soy flour - also used to make soy milk)
  • oat groats (mostly cooked as a hot breakfast cereal - sometimes milled as flour or grits to add to bread)
  • barley


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OK, here goes

Wheat: T55, T65, T80, T110, T150, Graham

Rye: T110, T150

5 grain, buckwheat, Kamut, chickpea, white rice, dark rice, dark rice semoule, potato flour, 5 grain no-gluten, corn flour, polenta

Spelt: T70, T150



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Mike Avery



Yellow corn meal

Gold Medal all-purpose

Gold Medal Whole Wheat

Hodgson's Graham flour

Hodgson's Rye flour 

Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten

Harvest King

King Arthur Bread Flour

Softassilk Cake Flour

King Arthiur White Whole Wheat (if anyone wants it, come and get it)

And three different German rye flours that I keep meaning to use 

And then there are the whole grains, waiting for grinding 

Dry corn

Hard red winter wheat





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that you don't like?  Could it be lack of flavor?



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Mike Avery

It's not that it's King Arthur's, it's that it's white whole wheat.  I prefer red wheat.  It works better, it handles better and to me it tastes better.




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Mini Oven

At the moment (under control of elves):

Roasted Hazelnut


Rye, fine 960


Spelt, whole, fine

Wheat, whole, bread 700, coarse white, golden semolina, white semolina

Millet, golden

Quinoa, whole

Oat, rolled, flour

10 grain flour

Rice, sticky fine, white fine

Buckwheat flour

Is that 17 or 18? Please know that I have maximum 2 kg of any of these on hand. (I had some barley and had hopps growing in the garden but somehow it disappears. I suspect something is brewing deep under the pine tree roots. My hedge hog has been seen milling around late at night, smiling at slugs and with hiccups.) It's a hot day! I am seriously thinking of a small oven to put outside for baking.

Mini O

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Oh, geez...

Pendleton Morbread
KA Whole Wheat
Bob's Rice Flour
Bob's Rye Flour
Corn Meal
Barley Flour
Cake flour

That's what comes to mind. There may be others lurking about.

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White all purpose


White whole wheat

Stone ground whole wheat




Semolina- I haven't used this one yet, it's new

Potato- I have this leftover from the Passover holiday and don't know what to do with it now.


Oatmeal (does that count?)

Vital wheat gluten



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Did a quick inventory and came up with:

KA bread

KA whole wheat and white whole wheat

Hodgson Mill Graham

Harvest King bread

Stone-Buhr bread

Gold medal ap

Then in the bottom freezer (small bags)

Bob's Red Mill rice flour, wheat germ, cornmeal, flaxseed meal, wheat bran, spelt, steel cut oats and dark rye.

I tend to forget about these interesting grains - but they are there if I need them, A.

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Oven fries.  Cut to potatoes fry-size, shake in seasoned potato flour, meanwhile heating about 1/8th deep oil in a roaster in 400F oven.  Put potatoes in the hot pan/oil.  Roast ca. 30 minutes, flipping part way through.

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Whole wheat

White whole wheat


Whole rye

Medium rye

White rye

Rye meal




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KA European Artisan

CVM white bread w/germ




sweet rice

flaxseed meal


Bob's Red Mill vital wheat gluten (anyone want it?)





hard red spring wheat



Actually, that's more than I thought...


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King Arthur BF
King Arthur Golden Semolina
King Arthur European Style Artisan
Harvest King
Gold Medal AP
Hodgson Mill rye
Bob's Red Mill whole grain spelt
Bob's Red Mill dark rye
Bob's Red Mill vital wheat gluten

Small quantities of things to crush or add:

Spelt berries
Hard red wheat berries
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Edh, I added a teaspoon of the vital wheat gluten to yesterday's bake. It came out okay:

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Those look great!

I had great results with adding gluten to breads, especially to increase spring on spelt breads. Unfortunately, I appear to be allergic to it, or maybe just sensitive, the semantics of allergies elude me...

At any rate, I can't use the stuff, and now have most of a bag sitting in the freezer, mocking me!


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I have a lot of the flours listed and plenty of grains for grinding. Imagine my surprise when I was invited to my nieces for a Mother's Day dinner for the family. I said I'd make biscuits when I got there. I had all the dry ingredients mixed and brought the buttermilk so all I needed from her was a little flour to sprinkle on the counter for rolling and cutting. When I asked she said "Flour? I don't have any flour." She's the sweetest most generous girl and I love her but how can she live without flour? I made drop biscuits.        weavershouse

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I have a little bit (and sometimes have too much) of many flours; whole wheat (mainly MT) and whites - either all purpose or bread, spelt, oat, rice, semolina, and I found when cleaning out my freezer -- some KA durum I had bought a year ago! So, I made up a half recipe of Hamelman's Semolina (Durum) Bread with a sponge as directed and it turned out wonderful. Rose great, the oven spring was so nice, and the light yellow color was so pretty. Tasted good and the crumb was soft. Anet

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Bleached AP

Unbleached AP

White Bread flour

Whole wheat bread flour

Pastry flour

whole wheat pastry flour

Cake flour


Not that many really.



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White bread flour

AP flour

Whole wheat flour

Organic rye

Organic whole rye

Organic coarse rye

Fancy Durum

Coarse Semolina



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discarded the potatostarch a few weeks ago. wasn't used in > 3y

on my shelf:

- corn starch & rice flour, seldom used in chinese recipes.

- all purpose flour for sauces and roux, not often used.

- hard white bread flour. other types only bought on demand.


and on my wifes shelf 3 types of low protein cake flours.

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Mini Oven

Now I have in S. Korea a rare oportunity...

Just came back from Seoul.  I found:

Bob's Red Mill Organic Dark Rye flour @ 4000 won a kilo

German, Demeter Organic Rye type 1150 flour @ 7900 won a kilo

to compare to my:

Austrian, Haberfellner Rye type 960

and use with recently found local:

Unbleached Wheat flour with a 14% protein

Unbleached Wheat flour 12% protein

I'm so excited I don't know where to begin other than to rev up my rye starter...



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We are all looking forward to hearing about your Seoulful rye breads.


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Gold Medal AP for regular baking

KA Bread


KA whole Wheat

Kashi 7 grain hot cereal packets

Unbleached pasry flour

oat flour


pumpernickle rye,

oat and wheat bran

rolled oats, quick too



wheat flakes

quinoa, millet, amaranth

Poppy, pumpkin, sunflower, and seseme seeds

(now I need to get using this stuff!)

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King Arthur all-purpose flour

King Arthur traditional whole wheat flour

Hodgson Mills stone-ground rye flour

Arrowhead Mills whole wheat pastry flour

Arrowhead Mills brown rice flour

corn meal

vital wheat gluten

cracked wheat

wheat bran

wheat germ

oats (quick, old-fashioned rolled, steel cut, bran)

7 grain and seed mix


seeds: quinoa (red and white), sesame (white and black), poppy, sunflower (toasted and raw), flax (golden and brown)

rice: white, brown, red, black glutinous

* * *

My friends came over for dinner yesterday evening and had a blast peeking in my cupboards and drawers of baking-related items.

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Flour on hand:


Gold Metal AP

KA Bread Flour


KA High Gluten (both Sir Lancelot and Organic)

KA European Blend

KA French Blend

KA Pumpernickel

KA Medium Rye

KA Nine Grain

KA First Clear Flour

Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour

Bob’s Red Mill White Rice Flour

Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran Cereal

Bob’s Red Mill Graham Flour

Bob’s Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten

Arrowhead Mills Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

Arrowhead Mills Spelt Flour

Authentic Foods Garfava Flour

Caputo OO 


Corn Meal


Gluten Free Flour


Cake Flour

and the almond flour in the other fridge.

All totaled I count 28 different varieties.  Good thing I have a big freezer and a sympathetic husband :-)


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Wow!  I'm pretty impressed with everyone's list of flours!  Do you find yourselves making a B-line right to the flour shelves when visiting a new grocery to add new ones to your collection?  Well, I do! 

And it surprises me that some big big grocery stores (our Kroger covers five acres) stock such a slim inventory of flours.  Of course, it took me a long time to find the Bob's Red Mill products way over in the "Organic" department of the store!  Why they do that, I don't know!

I thought we had a lot of different flours, but only about ten kinds, I think, if I count in potato flour and corn flour along with the ryes, whole wheats, APs and bread flours.

It was fun reading everyone's lists.

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Postal Grunt

I know what you mean about looking for a new type of flour. While my recent trip to Colorado had a stop at Heartland Mills built into it, that didn't stop me from looking. When Mrs PG and I stopped in a Safeway to buy some fruit, I found High Altitude Hungarian Unbleached AP Flour. A quick look at the bag showed that it was a ConAgra product and most likely a short patent flour but that didn't stop my wallet from jumping out of my pocket at the checkout.

My current count is 14, I think. The spare refrigerator downstairs has become my flour refrigerator.

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Who knew I had so many?  Sources are a combo of local grocery store and internet (Berry Farms, MySpiceSage, and most recently NYBakers).

KA all-purpose

KA bread

NYB Euro-style artisan

KA special short patent

GM Trumps


coarse pumpernickel rye

Bay State Wingold dark rye

light rye

KA whole wheat

GM stoneground whole wheat

coarse semolina






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Flours: [all unbleached]; white bread flour 13.8% protein;  Japanese spring-wheat BF 12.4%; Kobe (APF) 9%; Graham; coarse rye; fine rye; durum semolina flour; atta (white wholemeal); a teensy bit of white spelt (and awaiting more white and "Vollkorn"); noodle/cake flour (low protein); rice flour; gluten-enriched rice flour; cornmeal; corn starch; potato starch.

Grains: [but not for milling]; rye 'Flocken'; barley; spelt; brown rice; amaranth; millet (3 kinds); quinoa; oats; wheat germ; wheat bran; oat bran; hemp seed; raw organic flax seed; toasted flax seed; sesame; polenta; couscous; bulgur; 5-grain mix; 7-grain mix. [Mustard and poppy seeds don't count, do they?]  ;-)

Border-line items: vital wheat gluten; diastatic malt powder (and liquid); black cocoa powder (as there's no 'dark' rye flour here...); potato flakes; chickpeas, yellow/green split peas & a variety of other dried beans and pulses...

Notably absent is regular whole-wheat, which is on the list to pick up today, with more coarse rye and white bread flour. I've run out of room in the fridge for the "healthier" types!



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Don't you need a permit to have all that? [:)))