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Herbs fell off focaccia!

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Herbs fell off focaccia!

I tried to top a focaccia with whole sage leaves. I let the dough rise, spread it with olive oil, dimpled it, and put on the leaves in a pretty pattern. In the oven the leaves got all crispy and delicious. Yum! But when I picked up a slice to eat, all the leaves fell off. The same thing has happened with rosemary, but to a lesser extent. Must I brush the dough with egg-wash? Then how would I get the oil on top? Thanks!

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Hi Merrybaker

I make focaccia fairly often and for the final rise - when I put on all the herbs (and for mine, thinly sliced purple onions and coarse salt) I press them in with my fingertips. My dough is fairly oily with olive oil on top and I do the dimpled fingertips impressions right into the dough before and after I put the toppings on to press them in a bit. Then I let it go for the final rise - about 1/2 hour, depending on dough, and pop it into the oven.

I hope that this helps,


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Mini Oven

 Aroma therapy pure!

Plucked in the early morning sunshine ...fresh sage ... it smells like blueberries!

Don't you just love fresh sage?

It reminds me of mixed berries from the wood.

I stack up the leaves, in piles of 5 or so and slice thin ribbons with a sharp knife, they tend to stick better (and blend better in salads). I also like the blossoms. Although come to think of it, everything doesn't really stick, not like glue anyway. Stay away from gusting winds and encourage guests to eat faster. People who flick off what they think is excess with their long fingernails at picnics have an easier time of it when the stuff is not glued down.

You could try spraying the surface lightly with water and stick the herbs on, let the water evaporate and then oil the surface, pouncing the oil and herbs together as you dent your focaccia.


Mini O

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I can see that both ways are better than mine. Summer's just starting, so there'll be plenty more attempts, you can be sure!