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Fridge Stored Pizza Dough - how long?

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Fridge Stored Pizza Dough - how long?

How long does leftover pizza dough keep for in the fridge?

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Usually it is for another 24 hours. However if you want to keep it longer, then just place it in a freezer and you can keep it frozen for up to 3 months. Make sure to put it in a ziploc freezer bag and coat it with a litle olive oil.

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I have been making a lot of pizza since I got my woodfired pizza oven.  I have left it for as long as 3 days...I read you can do that...I don't think it handles as well....I prefer 24 hrs...and left to come to room temp...the chill off of it before shaping...  I have not tried frozen yet...I just prefer to have it fresh since it's so easy to make.  I store several balls of dough in one of those large plastic containers that my salad greens come in and it just fits in my ajustable temp. bins in the frig.

I have made some great pizza's in my kitchen oven also.

To anwer your other question about the sugar in the can use honey, sugar, or no sweetner at's just a matter of taste.

Im not an expert baker....but I've sure made a lot of great pizza's lately and learned some tricks from two great pizza guys that were hired from their resturant to come over to my daughters house to make pizza's in her wooded fired oven for a party of over 40 people...the pizza's were the best thin crust New York style I've ever eaten...I think if I ever learn to spin my dough in the air...that's the whole secret to getting the best crust in my opinon.

Have fun...sylvia

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I have stored pizza dough in the fridge for up to a week and it was fine. Take it out about an hour ahead to bring to room temp and to rest before shaping.

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I agree... actually I'm not sure at what point you're putting the dough in the fridge.  But I always keep my dough in the fridge for several days before making it--this is called the cold rise.  The bacteria in my starter is doing it's thing in the fridge while the yeast is "asleep".  This develops great flavor; in my opinion you can't make great pizza in one day.  If the dough has already risen before refrigeration, then just pull it out an hour before baking to take off the chill.  If it needs to rise more, then bake it when it's ready.  I don't keep it in the fridge longer than a week, but I've never tried.

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...actually I'm not sure at what point you're putting the dough in the fridge. But I always keep my dough in the fridge for several days before making it--this is called the cold rise.


This is my approach, too.

I use a recipe that provides enough dough to make three 12-inch pies, and I store the divided dough in three lightly-oiled tupperware containers in the fridge.

I've found that at about three to four days old, the dough is at its peak for handleability. Younger than that and it's more likely to tear while being stretched into shape; older than that and it's excessively sticky.

But these are minor afflictions, and in general, I've been able to produce satisfactory results with dough that's been fermenting from one day to one week.

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I make my pizza dough from the recipe in Maggie Glezer's Artisan Baking Across America. She mentions that the dough can be kept in the fridge for up to 36 hours (but it needs to be put there immediately after mixing). 

I have gone for the full 36 hours once, with great results. I did keep it in the coldest part of the fridge (near the freezer wall, in the back of the fridge). It did take over 8 hours to ferment, once it came out. 



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Reviving this thread to ask for more info.

 I'm making pizza dough using the recipe from Charles Van Over's book, The Best Bread Ever" or from the little recipe cookbook that came with my Cuisinart.

At what point in the process is it ok to stick the dough in the freezer?

 Thank you! 

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In commercial NYC pizzeria we did 24 hours , but emergencies a minimum of 8 hours. In home I try for about the same. make it knead it , rest 10-20 mins fast knead, cut oil, fridge min 8 hours, keeps about 4 or so days.

 take out of fridge, do not warm the dough, make a disc with a rim and lump in center working outwards, kinda like a priest/bishops hat. On a slab if you can. Oven on 550 degrees, stones if you got'em. use firebricks cheaper then a baking stone and thicker then a terracotta tile system, but they are good as well. At 550 degrees a Neoploitan comes out in 8 mins or less., that is the way it was done in the pizzerria and the way I eventually made it at home. Also "sauce" is not cooked, it is ground termater with herbs, cold on pie.  Mozzerella is grated in morning put on a tray and fridged, which dries it out a bit.