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Ultramill Grain Mill recommended (?) for milling Field Corn

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Ultramill Grain Mill recommended (?) for milling Field Corn

The only reason I am posting this link is because some home millers have expressed interest in milling field corn (aka "dent corn") into flour for cornbread. Serious cornbread bakers (I include myself among this group) often prefer a slightly gritty (coarse) flour for cornbread. Many of the electric grain mills on the market explicitly state they *cannot* mill corn meal or corn flour from field corn.

If you want to mill field corn into flour for corn bread this blurb from on the Ultramill Grain Mill may be of interest site re Ultramill Grain Mill wrote:
Great for Field Corn: Among high speed impact-style grain mills, the Ultramill is the outstanding choice for milling field corn to flour because its inlet handles corn kernels better than any other mill in this category.

The direct link to the site is Grain Mill Nutrimill Bosch Mixer Bosch Mixers Wheat Flour Grinder Mills Family Grain Mill Best Buy Ultramill Ultra Mill (scroll down in the page to reach the review)

====== disclaimers =======
I have *not* used this mill and have no idea if the claim is good.

I have no connection, commercial or otherwise, with However, as a member of TFL I have noted that other posters who have called with questions have reported uniformly favorable experiences.

If you wish to contact by phone, their number (from their website) is 1-800-321-1073 (Allow 10 rings)