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Early Morning English Muffins

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Brian D

Early Morning English Muffins

Got up about 5:35 this morning to make English Muffins. Got the recipe from here:

Just a few notes. 1) The recipe called out 4~4.5 cups of flour. I ended up using about 2.75 cups. 2) The resulting muffins diminished in size. I think I should have let the dough rest after using the roller. 3) The muffins shrunk in size but raised by more than double during cooking. I need to use a lager diameter form. Mine was about 2". The results are about 1.5". Maybe a 3" diameter would have been better.

Taste was very good. The images are not the best in the world, but I was happy with the results. Need to experiment some.

 The group. (note, I ate a few before taking the pictures.)

 After Baking and before toasting.

 Toasted and ready for consumption.



Thanks for looking.

Brian D 

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I have to try that recipe soon with a bit more hydration.