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Afghan Bread

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Afghan Bread

If you are interested in seeing the inside of real Afghan bakery check out:

Found on the NY Times website "An Afghan Breadmaker's Struggle."

 Flash video shows the inside of the bakery, fermentation steps in a bath tube, scaling the dough,  kneading and stretching technigues, getting the flat breads into a wood fire pit.

 Really exceptional shots of traditional bread making.


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We have so much to be grateful for.                                                                         weavershouse

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It makes you think.  Weavershouse is right, we do have a whole lot to be grateful for and we must keep remembering that.

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Great link! 

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Thanks for the link. Thats terrible isnt it.

Poor people. :( Yet we still have enough food to be a little soft in the middle. :S




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I am truly humbled and almost ashamed of all that we have. Our luxurious habit of baking bread as a hobby..our complaints about the rising price of flour..everyone, count your blessings and help others when you can.

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Your link to the N.Y. Tiimes video on the Afghan bakery was a real awakening moment for me.  We take so much for granted.  What a tragedy. 

Howard - St. Augustine, FL