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Travel'n...looking for regional starter

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Travel'n...looking for regional starter

I'm going on a road trip...

CO; NE, Chicago, IL; RT 66 to Santa Monica, CA.

Then, I'm travelling up PCH (Hwy 1).  It's a no-brainer that I'll find starter in San Francisco (though I'd love an address or two!;-D).  I'll follow Hwy 1 to OR then on to WA.  I will then continue through ID, MT, and WY, the going home to CO.

Anywhere I can find starter (that tastes of that location...AKA SF sourdough) would be much appreciated.

Don't worry about the exact city.  I can filter those.




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Wow, that is going to be quite the trip! How long from beginning to end? I am in south-central Montana and I would be happy to share some of my Montana Wheat starter that I made from local grains.

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In Chicago, you're welcome to stop by our monthly "Taste-and-Tell" meeting. One or more of us usually brings our starters for swapping with the group: If we know you're joining us, we'll make sure to have a number on hand for you to take with you.

Please go to our webpage (, click "Join us!," and RSVP to a meeting. Next meetings are Sept. 28, Oct. 19; Nov and Dec meetings dates to be announced soon. 

Happy baking!



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Please post your collections along the way.

Had a starter from Jackson Hole WY years ago.  And began a new starter today after reading through the pineapple versions on TFL..

Have fun andhappy hunting.

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Thanks all. But i posted that originally in 2008. Though based on all of your replies I need to make another road trip! I've book marked this page for when I make another. Needs to be soon I think...


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Oh, by the way....I didn't find starter in SF! Every bakery I went to didn't have any to give/sell. I found that very odd.