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Barm bread 2008

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Barm bread 2008

After preparing for it all of last week, feeding my sourdough daily with mash to make it a Monica Spiller-type barm, I finally made "Whole Wheat Barm Bread 2008", from the recipe that Monica Spiller recently published.

The resulting bread is excellent, one of the best whole-wheat breads I've tasted. I will definitely make it again. I heartily recommend it. You can read more about my making of it here


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It's intriguing that Monica recommends salt at every step.  Is there really a difference between her barm and regular sourdough?  Have you compared her barm bread to that in Reinhart's Whole Grain Baking book?  What do you think about the idea of mashing part of other breads?


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Yes, the Monica Spiller type barm is different. Even though it has a high proportion of liquid, it rises well and holds its peak for a long time. It has a buttery smell with fruity undertones.

I have not compared her bread to Reinhart's mash bread, but from what I've seen, Monica Spiller's bread has a better rise and holds its shape better. 

I need to experiment with mashing more before I can tell you what I think about it with respect to other breads. 


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