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Storing razors

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Storing razors


 To those using razors to cut their breads, how do you store your razors to avoid accidents etc.? I suppose you don't keep them just lying around between use. That said, my razors tend to be quite sticky with dough. How do you clean your razors and do you store them in some kind of liquid (oil?) or something to prevent this?


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You can store the blades in any secure container the right size.  This includes any jar you have laying around, or a plastic box with secure lid that you got containing a small first aid kit as a promo item (we get about 1 a year from the March of Dimes). 

 I use a cleaning brush to clean anything real sharp, so that I am much less likely to get cut.  Youc can use anything to clean a blade, but always wipe towards the blade to reduce the risk of cuts.

 A quick sprits of nonstick or wiping the blade with a paper towel with a touch of oil on it will extend the life of the razor blade.  Razor blades are disposable, so  don't spend too much time trying to make them last a lifetime.



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how do you store your razors to avoid accidents?

Very carefully.

(rim shot)

But seriously folks...

I keep mine in a cup in the windowsill, out of reach of the kids. I pick off the large chunks of dough, but I don't bother with thoroughly cleaning them. Anything I am going to touch them with is going to go into the oven, so even if anything nasty were to grow on the razor and get transferred to a loaf, which I think it highly unlikely, it would get immediately incinerated.

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I buy single edge razor blades in a little cardboard box of 5 and store them in a small plastic box, with the one I'm currently using out and the rest still in the cardboard box. However, *if I had kids in the house*, I would definitly use some sort of leftover container (maybe from over-the-counter pills) that had a *child proof cap*.

I usually lightly mist the razor with water prior to slashing. This may help it stay clean. If necessary, I carefully wipe the blade after using before storing it but it doesn't really get dirty.  No oiling.

Razor blades do dull over time, even if they're only used for slashing dough (I was surprised at that). I try to dispose of them in a safe manner so that no one who handles the garbage (or might get into the garbage, like animals - or even kids) will get injured.

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I use an x-acto knife.  I put a pen cap on it and keep it in a coffee cup with a rooster on it along with chopsticks, clothspins and lighters.  This is a childless household.  The cup sits on my pantry shelf.  I wipe the blade with a towel after using it and one blade will last about three uses.  The blades come in packs in little plastic bottles which I keep in my utensil drawer.

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I have a magnetic strip glued to one of my cabinets.  Razors are used, then put back immediately.  My blades don't really get too dirty but I do replace them frequently.

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You could get a small block of rubbery foam (not the hard beady stuff like styro cups, more  Nerf-like) and draw a line on it in marker then slash that line and push your blade into it. The marker line is there just so you can spot the slit easily. Keeps the balde out of danger and it's easier to spot a block of foam than a little blade sitting sideways on the counter.

This is more logical with the one-sided blades, of course. 


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I use single edge blades and stick them between the frame and screen of kitchen sink window, safely out of kids' reach.

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Thanks for the input. It is extremely valuable. I will find a glass jar to keep them in between uses. I will also try to use a knife if I can find one which is good enough for the job. I probably have one lying around or can get one from my mother which she does not use.

No (real) kids in this household either, but one of my co-residents got the brilliant idea of shaving his arms a few days ago when he got home drunk and found one of my razor blades that I had forgot on the kitchen bench after baking. I think there is a need for safe-storaging them nevertheless.


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Found a small and sharp serrated knife in my drawer of kitchen stuff. It worked perfectly.