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Pocketless Pita Recipe?

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Pocketless Pita Recipe?

Does anyone have a good recipe for pocketless pitas, such as those that are used to wrap gyros?  I have tried simply not rolling out pita dough as thinly, but that hasn't worked too well for me.  I also found a recipe that seemed about right (under the name of Greek flatbread:, and while it produced the type of bread I was looking for, but didn't wow me as far as texture or flavor.  Thanks!

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Try pricking the surface with a fork and bake at lower temps...~350 deg.

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Mini Oven

Well, it's just a plain naked recipe and all hope of flavour rests on type of olive oil and flour.  Now your taste buds are ready for improvements in dough.  You can try many things using this basic formula, just change the way it's combined.  A good place to start.

Try making a poolish the day before with half the flour and water and add just a pinch of yeast, stir it up and cover, let it ferment 8-16 hours. (Hot climate, add a pinch of salt) Then work in the rest of the ingredients and let double as stated in recipe.   

Or try different combinations of flour, add 50g of another flour just to see what it does.  

Or, or, or,  the list goes on.  This site is full of ideas to improve flavour. For some it becomes compulsion.  And naturally, one big improvement in flavour is to get just the right amount of sourdough into the recipe.  (was that biased?)

Mini O

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Terrific idea, and in retrospect, probably something I should have thought of myself.  I used to make strictly white breads, mostly from recipes I found online, and knew pretty much nothing about bread-baking.  Now I make almost exclusively whole grain breads and own a few books and visit sites like this.  While soakers, starters, etc. have now become a matter of course for me for whole grains breads, it somehow never dawned on me that they could benefit my white bread recipes just as much.  I'll definitely give something like this a shot next time I try the pita recipe.