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Sourcing flour and grains in Boston area

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Sourcing flour and grains in Boston area


Just moved to the Boston area and am looking for good local sources for flour and grains.  I've searched the forum archives and haven't found any local sources other than the typical mail order sources.

In particular, I'm looking for good sources of stone-ground flour (wheat, rye), along with whole or cracked grains (again, wheat and rye particularly).  Strongly prefer organic products.  I expected there to be a "health food store" that offers these kinds of things, as it did in Cape Town where I've just moved from.  However, I've not been very successful at finding these.

At present, I use Arrowhead Mills from my local Whole Foods, but only the WW comes in a larger packet and they don't offer any rye flour or cracked/whole grains. 

Thanks in advance for any pointers you can offer. 



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I live in a somewhat isolated area, so must get all my bulk flours and grains from a local co-op. The co-op buys from Associated Buyers, a distrubutor of natural foods located in New Hampshire. They only deliver up this way once a month, but I know they deliver to the Boston area at least every other week, and weekly in some places.

You could call them and ask if there's a buyers club/co-op near you, or a business that orders with them that might let you order. Or you could start your own co-op; the only requirement is a $350 minimum order. The phone number is (603) 664-5656.

I order King Arthur, Champlain Valley Millers, and Morgan Mills flours in bulk (10#-50#) as well as grains in bulk.

Another thought, depending on where in the Boston area you are; the Cambridge Food Co-op also used to sell in bulk, though I haven't been there in many years. They're located on Mass Ave in Central Square.