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flour distributors in Philadelphia

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flour distributors in Philadelphia

Hi: Given the 3-5 loaves per week that get inhaled around here, I need to find a bulk flour source.  KA has officially hit $1/lb at my local supermarket.

I'm open to ordering online and having it shipped, (and have searched the archives for all your suggestions--Thanks!)

but would prefer to buy locally.  The best KA could offer me was a distributor in Lancaster PA...about 2 hr drive away.  But I live near a city of over 2 million people...with a healthy bunch of local bakeries.  Tell me there isn't a distributor for high quality flour closer!

I have googled "bakery supply" and "flour mills" for this area and have been frustrated.  I can easily get a conveyor oven to fill my living room, but flour in good hits.

 Any sugestions?

 Gotta go check on Aunt Carmine's light rye currently in the oven!



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Note that King Arthur is probably giving you the name of their regional wholesaler/rep agency. That entity in turn most likely supplies local distributors in your city. It would be worth calling the number that KA gave you and asking if they have a local distributor or rep.  They would also know if any of their bakery customers are willing to sell bags of flour out the back door.


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kmp, sphealey:

thanks so much: Great ideas!  Will have to follow up and let you know.

We were looking into joining a local csa this year...something else to consider.

Just got a request to make some Burli (little Swiss rolls).  The rye bread is half-gone already! 



Paula F

Philadelphia PA