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Tips on Coarse Grinding

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Tips on Coarse Grinding

Hey folks,

Last week, I got my grain mill (the KoMo Fidibus Classic) and have been using it frequently every since.  Recently, I've been playing around with coarser grinds -- specifically, coarse cornmeal and cracked wheat.  While I can produce either with the mill, I inevitably get some flour along with the coarser pieces.  I've got two questions about this...  First, is it normal?  And secondly (assuming it is), how do you handle it?  I've been sifting to seperate the larger and smaller particles; is there anything better than that?  Could anyone recommend a set of sifters of various fineness?  I only have one, and eventually I'd like more variability.



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I speak without authority, but from observation and thought.  If the grains could break cleanly, there would be no dust.  But apparently they can't.  It's like breaking a cracker and expecting no crumbs.  Perhaps something like steel-cutting would be clean.