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Shipping whole grains.

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Shipping whole grains.

Has anyone figured out a way to ship whole grain? The companys that I have checked seem to use UPS. The price of shipping is more than the price of the grain. I have been unable to find a local source so far.

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Mike Avery

Check with your local health food stores.


They will usually order bulk stuff at a big discount for you and there is usually no shipping charge.  They order from their wholesaler and it is delivered at no addtional cost to the health food store or you.


Normally you can order one week and get it the next.


Call around and ask whoever answers the phone who handles ordering, they usually handle bulk orders too.




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I was doing a Google search for organic beef last night and happened to hit upon a farm in the area that not only sells organic beef, but grows eight acres of hard red winter wheat which they sell at a local farmer's market in late summer.

Sometimes little gems pop up in such searches.