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oatmeal cut out cookies

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oatmeal cut out cookies

hi guys, hope you're all well. i'd be really happy if someone would share a proved oatmeal cut out cookie recipe with me! thanks, ssanni

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I'll be over your shoulder reading it too.  I LOVE oatmeal, but I must confess, I have never made a cut-out cookie with this delicious, nutritious grain.

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Mini Oven

knowing how sticky oat flour can be, this ought to be interesting...

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Hello, I was just searching for an oatcake recipe and found this post with Stac's recipes...they look good and I'm going to try the second one tomorrow. Thank you Stac!
Back to the original question re: an oatmeal cut-out cookie, I've made a brown sugar and oatmeal shortbread cookie that works well for rolling and cutting; this is an excerpt from my post about these cookies (not sure if this might interest you):

Here is a link to Fine Cooking's basic shortbread cookie recipe:
The cookie dough is really adaptable flavoring-wise:
Brown sugar can be substituted for the white sugar listed in the recipe
Up to half-cup of other ingredients may be added (such as quick oats)

Regards, breadsong

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but I found it the other day and have been thinking of making them soon. Let us know how they turn out if you try them!