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Milk, egg and butter

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Milk, egg and butter



Can someone please explain why you put for example milk, egg or butter in a bread or cake recipe. What is it they do for the outcome? And if possible add other ingredients you know of, that will change a recipe somewhat texturely, et cetera.


Thanks in advance. 

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In my limitted experience, Butter will act as an oil, it will preserve bread for some time and make the crumb a little softer, Milk will also make the crumb softer and smoother, and change the flavor (In a way I can't really describe), Eggs will make crumb fluffier and spongier I've found.

All of these things are just what I've found and been told, I can't really source them or back them up at all other than my experience. All are things that to some degree you can just toss into a basic recipe to get an idea of what each does if you're comfortable enough with recipes and dough to do so.

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Thanks for you help. And as to googling, I thought that this was a forum to discuss and get help from, but thanks anyway.

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If you want more information than Grey has provided, do a Google Search on "bread ingredients" (without the quotation marks) and the first three entries will take you to discussions with regard to the role various ingredients play in baking.

Google is a wonderful resource, just waiting to be used.