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Spelt & Quinoa bread

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Spelt & Quinoa bread

I made this bread with a white leaven, elaborated to a starter, which was pre-fermented for 12 hours.

The finished dough had 108% pre-ferment starter, 30% wholemeal Spelt flour, 70% white bread flour and 75% hydration.

The flour and water were left to autolyse in the fridge for 12 hours before the starter, salt and a cold soaker of quinoa (I didn't weigh it so I don't know the percentage) were added and mixed.

The kinky loaf resulted from my transferring it to the oven. My "peel" - a wooden chopping board- was too big to fit and flip over in the oven and the dough flopped off the tile.

Spelt & quinoa loaves

Spelt & quinoa loaves

 The crumb texture is OK, I think (?).

The loaves - a kinky one and a straight one!: The crumb texture is OK, I think (?).


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That  just looks delicious!  I love using spelt.  My personal opinion and taste says the crumb is is great.  It looks very light.


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can you post this recipe? looks yum...i just bought some organic quinoa and of course I want to use it in bread!

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Looks very tasty!! Please can you post a recipe for this. I am trying to find a spelt and quinoa bread recipe on the internet with no luck!