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Pizza oven (Blodgett 911p) Steam Generators/Source?

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Pizza oven (Blodgett 911p) Steam Generators/Source?

Hey folks -- I just bought a single deck Blodgett 911 to increase the scale of my sourdough/artisan bread baking at's in transit and this has been maybe one of three things I've been really excited for during this whole COVID...

As I'm preparing the garage for this beast, wanted to poll folks here to see if they have any experience hooking up steam generators to a pizza deck oven (or more specifically, Blodget 911P).  I stalked the forums and looks like jimbtv has some experience... (not sure if you can help weigh in here!).  I did purchase the steam injection jets option, so it's ready to receive steam.  Just need to find a good source for it.

Are there any hacky/more cost-effective solutions that might produce good sourdough/artisan bread results?