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pizza stone level

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pizza stone level

My oven has a fan you cant turn off with the heating element that goes round it. Where do you place your pizza stone/steel if you have a similar oven? 

After an hour at full temp of 260 degrees to preheat Ive tried in the middle shelf or more recently one below middle but I find the pizza base is sometimes a touch under done. Was thinking of going even lower but then I dont want the toppings to over cook before the base. 

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1. what's the configuration of the heating elements: top? bottom? back wall?

2. If there are both top and bottom elements, are they separately controllable?

3. are the stove top (hob) burners gas or electric?

4. Do you have any cast iron, like a griddle or a skillet big enough for the pizza and small enough for the oven? Metal will transfer heat to the bottom of the pizza faster than a stone.

5. Do you have any tiles or additional stones to make an extra layer, effectively giving the stone more mass?

6. If you're talking about a 9" to 12" round pizza, you could cook it in a cast iron skillet on a burner on the stovetop, mainly cooking the bottom crust until it is brown, then finish cooking the top in the oven, leaving it in the skillet, and not needing a stone, and needing only short pre-heat of the oven.  see: