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25% Whole Red Fife Sourdough

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25% Whole Red Fife Sourdough

This is a 25% whole red fife sourdough I baked today.  I made a double batch so I could give one away, unfortunately I think I’ve overproofed these, live and learn.

For two loaves 890 g 

748 g bread flour 75%

160 g whole red fife (total 252 g with the levain) 25%

688 g water gives 78% hydration - add levain and salt without reserved water

4.5 diastatic malt

18 g salt

184 g levain 1:2:2 starter 40 g, 80 g whole red fife 80 g water


These were given 150 French folds after the addition of levain and salt to ensure they were fully incorporated.  

Countertop stretch and fold and then divided into two for the rest of bulk.  Aliquot removed for the jar.

Lamination 30 mins later followed by coil folds every 40 mins.

Bulk fermentation ended at 60% rise in aliquot jar and shaping done and then left on counter at room temperature for another 30 mins.

Overnight cold fermentation.

Baked as usual for the batard in Dutch oven 450ºF x 20 mins then further 23 mins at 420ºF most of which was on the baking steel directly.

The boule was next baked with steaming set up with silvia towel and cast iron skillet.


The batard in particular show some collapsing and lack of oven spring which to me indicates that it had overproofed for this formula.  When I bake this next time I will end bulk at 50% rise.  I am still learning what fully fermented dough looks like and now I think I’ve seen over fermented dough which is a good learning experience for me.


The boule, having seen that the batard baked up showing overproofing, I slipped into the freezer for 10 mins before turning out onto parchment and then transferred onto the baking steel.  Baked for 20 mins with steam at 450ºF and then steam removed and baked for further 23 mins at 430IºF.  Strangely it had better oven spring.  I was more careful to score more shallowly to try to compensate for the overproofing.  However, an error in oven settings prevented one of the ears from forming.  The first 20 mins of steaming bake I had the oven set to convection, so the fan blew hot air on one of the ears and that prevented it from springing up and forming a good ear.  I didn’t notice this until 15 mins into that first phase of baking.


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Definitely overproofed, I haven’t had one like this in a while but as always it is a good learning experience. 

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They will still taste good. 
Question though, why did you divide in the middle of bulk proofing instead of at the end?

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Hi Danni, the boule for whatever reason did a bit better than the batard which is odd since I’ve shaped so few boules lately and have much more batard shaping experience.  Anyhow, the crust is great, I love the cinnamon hints from the red fife, but overproofed crumb was a bit sticky.

I divided after the first stretch and fold for a couple of reasons.  I wanted to do a lamination and I knew that with twice the dough volume my counters aren’t large enough for me to be able to do a lamination so I had to divide before lamination.  Another reason I recently baked two loaves where I did a pre-shape and both times I felt it had a detrimental effect on my bread.  The coil folds essentially are like a pre-shape so when using coil folds I can easily get away without doing a pre-shape and with less handling late in the bulk there is less degassing.