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How to cheesecake

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How to cheesecake

Hello everyone,

I am on a dilemma on how should I bake my cheesecake properly, right now I am using gas oven, and non-spring form baking pan.
I've tried numerous times baking my cheesecake in a water bathe, apparently, my cheesecake doesn't get denser (I like it denser), it gets a bit soggy to be honest, compared to the cheesecake I baked for the first time without the water bathe. I bake my cheesecake at 180-190c around 30 mins for the first half, and, 25 mins for 150c, and leave it inside the oven for around an hour, this method apparently gives a nice brown top (which I also wanted to since it is hard to get a browning using a gas oven) but I don't want my filling to be soggy or bit wet. Should I try going back on baking the cheesecake without water bathe and bake the cheesecake at high temperature for few minutes and bake it longer it in a lower temperature to prevent it getting soggy? Cause I feel like the water bathe in a gas oven is making the filling pretty soggy  Thanks!

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Mini Oven

for you.  Chin up. Go for it!  I make my cheese cakes in vintage ceramic dishes and don't swim them.  Works for me!  Setting a tin or small saucepan of boiling water on the side works too. It's all about baking with an even low temperature.  Link to search: purpose of water bath baking.

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I've always hated water baths - they're heavy and you risk splashing into the cake or spilling or scalding yourself. A nice alternative is 'cake strips' that you soak in water then pin around the cake pan. They do the same thing as the water bath. Some people use wet paper as a substitute..

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I baked my cheesecake without the water bathe, the results were better. I baked it in a 200c in 10 mins and 30-40 mins in 150c, seems like the water bathe in a gas oven makes things more difficult to cook the batter inside.

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retired baker

 maybe theres confusion, water bath doesn't mean bain marie.

Just wet the tray with 1/8th inch water. Thats all cheesecake needs.

Not sure what denser or soggy mean.

I describe it as cakey or creamy. I prefer slight creaminess, its preference only.