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Hobart C-10

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Hobart C-10

I recently obtained a Hobart C-10 mixer which I am in the process of restoring. I would like to know the original color of the mixer. There is an avocado green color under a thick coat of white. Does anyone know if this was the original color. Were they all the same color or did they have  options. Also I would like to date the mixer, but the parts people at Hobart said their records only go back to 1949. Judging from the wiring methods and equipment I believe this mixer is from the 1920's.

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    I collect Hobart and Kitchenaid and a few others. I have a fully restored now a red and yellow beautiful C-10 runs strong  and uses all the current Hobart bowls and whips. They are very early 1920’s I believe prior to 25 when the KA model 5 kicked in, I have a couple of those also. The original color was the Hobart gray but there are a few white ones floating around. The hardest part was finding a 1920’s Hobart decal, it took over ten years to find one and it was close to $75.00
   The original paint would blister and flake off, so most of them are brush painted with what ever was handy.

Have Fun

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;;Glad to hear from a professional. I just stumbled into this after seeing an ad on Craigslist for an old mixer, but now i'm really getting into it. I would love to see a photo of your C-10. I have been trying to date the mixer. The nameplate doesn't have a model number, only a serial number but it looks exactly like the ones that are identified as C-10s. It doesn't have the junction box cast into the motor housing. It uses a separate switch on the frame. The company that made the switch was merged in 1928, so it is probably older than that. The bottom layer of paint seems to be a really ugly shade of green so i'm glad that wasn't the original color. Maybe a primer? What color is the Hobart name in script on your decal. On mine the script stayed on the motor after I used a chemical stripper to clean it. The Hobart name was in a bright gold, none of the other colors were visible.

Hope to hear from you again

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The very early C10 had 2 tool shafts on the planetary : the rotary for beater+whip and another fixed for the hook.
Having a standalone power switch is the design which was applied to the whole european production, however I don't know if this gives any clue about the US's prod.
If you have the original logo pattern in a vector graphics files, then I would be quitte easy to have the decal reproduced by a shop which masters this tech (as far as I know this kind of decal may be wax-printed (even the golden ink) and then stabilized with a varnish)