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Uses for Lemons

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Uses for Lemons

Hey TFL! Long time lurker, recently made an account and now I'm posting!

I've got a loaf in my bakery that uses lemon zest, and I'm finding myself with tons of zested lemons lying around. I'm wondering if I could get some suggestions for uses for either the juice, or the whole rest of them! So far we just do bread and there's only so much lemonade a person can drink...


Thanks so much advance!



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It sounds like you have a great excuse to start making and selling lemon pies at your bakery. 


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lemon butter, lemon merigue pies, lemon tarts, lemon juice in fruit bun dough, Lemon juice with sugar for your bun wash. brew a alcoholic lemon beer and you can turn that into a lemon vinegar, i just hate wasting good stuff  

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Make lemon curd which has multiple uses in baked goods.

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Mini Oven

or: faux apple pie, zucchini 

I think it takes a at least a whole cup of lemon juice.  

Lots of ideas and recipe links here:

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I think it's fair to say I'm in good company.  Covid has me enjoying quarantine cocktails! How about making some simple syrup for cocktails? Seriously a good idea! :)