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flour substitutes

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flour substitutes


Going to try and work on my pizza dough skills.

Being in the US means paying a big $$$$ for Italian 00 flours. I have a quite a bit of  1st clear flour (KAF brand) on hand.  (for rye bread)

What if I mixed it 50/50 with AP?

intend to do a poolish version of neopalitin, though I know I won't get the nice char, cause just using my home oven.


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Welcome to the TFL gang!

What's your previous experience in pizza making?  US pizzerias?  Any foreign experience?  

What flours have you previously used for pizza?


I went overboard on pizza cookbooks. I have Gemignani's The Pizza Bible, Reinhart's American Pie and Perfect Pan Pizza, Forkish's Elements of Pizza, Lahey's My Pizza,  Baugniet's 500 Pizzas and Flatbreads, Hertzberg's/Francois' Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day, and a few lesser known ones that I picked ip cheaply.

And here's my point: the flour depends on the style of pizza.   Reinhart uses mainly AP flour. Gemignani uses 12% protein bread flour, 14% protein All Trumps, and 12% Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour.

You can now also get American-made flour that is close to the Italian 00 style.  has a 00 style pizza flour that carries the Gemignani name.  

General Mills also makes a Neapolitan style pizza flour, not malted, but you have to buy a 50 pound bag.

There are many opinions about what to use for any given style, too.

AP may be good enough for short rise doughs made with commercial yeast; but higher protein may be better for long rises with sourdough.

An interesting thing I learned from Gemignani is that you can add diastatic malt powder to American white (refined) flour (which is almost always malted anyway) to increase the charring in a 500 F max home oven.  The diastatic malt is a neccesity if you want to bake unmalted Italian 00 flour in a home (500 degree max) oven.

He also has a cool thing using two baking steels in a home oven, and getting a top char by finishing the pizza on the top rack under the broiler.

Gemignani's The Pizza Bible is currently $9.99 for the Kindle ebook, and about $19 used, very good condition, including shipping, at Amazon.

TFL is a great web site for bread.  Though if your focus is on pizza, you may want to also check out