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Boston-area source of flour?

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Boston-area source of flour?

Hi everyone-

I moved to Massachusetts north of Boston last month, and I'm wondering about local sources of bulk flour. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance :)


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Due to COVID, Restaurant Depot is currently open to the public (no alcohol sales, no returns, no fresh seafood).  Double check with your local branch to make sure that is that case, i'm not sure if all of them are doing this. in MA, there is one in Boston area in Everett and one north of there in Andover.

You can get 50 lbs of flour for somewhere between $11-$18.  They have many options. For sourdough bread I went with Harvest King (12% protein)

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I'm looking for flour grown or milled in New England, not just for sale. Thank you tho!

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retired baker

I wonder how they collect sales tax.

and the products are not legal for retail sale due to labeling.

Theres one in Needham just off 95 or 128.

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Maine grains has several types of locally-grown flour, including heritage varieties. It’s a bit far from Boston so I usually order online,