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Hawo mill vs Komo?

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Hawo mill vs Komo?

I am thinking of getting a mill, (I imagine like many others have recently) and not much is available.  I did find a "Hawo’s Mill 1 Grain Mill" available, which is fairly expensive for me.  But I can't find much info about them in terms of reviews.   The warranty, on the surface,  is pretty 'meh' at 3 years vs something like a Komo (which are not available here in the US currently, everyone is out of stock).  Maybe I could get a 230v Komo and a transformer, lol. =p. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts?  Thanks.

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I have the Hawos Billy 100, an electric stone mill. Great performer for small family needs. I've had it for about 18 months without issue. They have quite a few model options.




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I love my Komo. I have no experience with Hawo but I can highly HIGHLY recommend a Komo.

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This is the Hawo's mill but it is quite a bit more than the backordered Komo (ETA Aug sometime) so not sure what to do...  so it goes I guess.

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Timothy Wilson

I have my Komo for about 2 years and I really like it. I don't have any problem with using it. It's easy in use and fast enough. Worth its money, I can fully recommend it.